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"Lily and Her Shadow"
Pink Nymphaeaceae (Water Lily)

Won "Member's Choice Award" "The Perfect Lily"
White Nymphaeaceae (Water Lily)

"The Tulip"
Tulipa (Tulip)

"A Summer Day"
Some kind of rose

Won "Member's Choice Award" "Landing Zone"
Magenta Tulipa
(Inside View of Tulip)

"Flower In The Sky"
Hibiscus syriacus
(Roses of Sharon, Althea)

Red Nymphaeaceae (Water Lily)

Man In Chair

Nude With Bun

People In Chairs

Sunset 2009

-NEW! "Showing Off"
Daffodil Narcissus

-NEW! "Wild Wild Orchid"
Phalaenopsis Aphrodite (Moon Orchid)

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